Poonam Pandey nudity – will it be an April Fool joke? (Interview)

In Indian model is in dilemma whether to keep her promise or not amidst increasing pressure from her fans (asking her to keep her promise), criticism, and even the looming threat of moral policing from Shiva Sena.

19 year old model Poonam Pandey had promised to bare all if the Indian national team wins the World Cup 2011. Her wish has come true, and her fans are drooling to get a glimpse of her ‘promise’.

Poonam, a 5’7″ tall model, featured in India’s best-selling swimwear calendar, had said previously that she wanted to provide an incentive to the Indian team players by baring all. It is not known if her offer will be welcomed or not.

Although Poonam says that she is a diehard supporter of Indian team and it was not a publicity stunt, the widespread media attention has been no less than one. The Times of India featured a photograph of Poonam wearing a skimpy bikini.

A similar promise of Paraguay model Larissa Riquelme to run naked through the streets of Paraguay’s capital Asuncion if her country won the 2010 football World Cup also created a lot of media coverage. Larissa’s country didn’t win the World Cup but, but she ran naked anyway. Poonam’s case is a whole lot different; in India, the society considers nudity a sin.

May be Poonam Pandey’s best bet will be to make it an April Fool’s joke. But, she is quite confident about keeping her promise in an interview  she gave to Sudihishkamath.


In a question about Freedom of expression granted under Article 19, Poonam replied:

Are YOU aware of Articles 34 D ? My World Cup is bigger than that! (laughs) Of course, yes. I did consult my friend who’s studying law and she said I could be charged with obscenity. You tell me, is the female human body obscene? …

In a question, “If you had a daughter, would you be happy if she made a similar promise?” She answered:

My family is bindaas. Also they are not old fashioned. They are very very very old fashioned. Because, back in the day, we explored enough to write a manual on different sex positions. Where did the one billion babies come from? Kamasutra is part of India’s pride. Sex is what keeps us going. And if my daughter were to do it, I’d say: I’ll join you and let’s show the boys some love.


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