Premier show of Teacher, Rs. 50K for Maiti Nepal

The premier show of Shovit Basnet’s upcoming movie ‘Teacher was held in Kathmandu on June 5. A The film production team handed over Rs. 50,000 cash to Anuradha Koirala of Maiti Nepal during the premier show. The money will be med in the purchase of earthquake relief materials in Nuwakot.

The chief guest of the event was CPN-UML leader Ram Narazan Bidari . Various artists, journalists and other people were present in the ceremony.

The movie team in heading to Malaysia, Korea, Dubai for charity show of the movie on June 12. The film artists KusalThapa and producer Shiva Kumar Rakal are heading to foreign countries for the clarity shows.

Produced under Salon Films the movie ‘teacher’ is directed by Shovit Basnet and features actors in Kusal Thapa, Salon Bashet, Uma Karki, Puran Thapa etc. in main roles. Shovit and actress Sushmita Shahi are featured in special roles.

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