Saroj Khanal returning back to Nepal after 17 years in the USA

Talented actor of the past, Saroj Khanal, is returning back to Nepal after living in the USA for the last 17 years. Saroj had entered USA in 1997 to participate in a cultural program. He started living there and applied for the Green Card. He had left a thriving acting career to make a better living in the USA. Now, he admits that the life wasn’t that good and he had always missed Nepal and Nepali people.

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Saroj had recently announced his intention to return back to Nepal and start a business. His friends and the community organized a farewell program a week before Saroj’s scheduled return to Nepal. In the program, Saroj shared his experience in the USA and his future plans in Nepal. He told that he will be starting a business and continue his acting career.

In his short vacation in Nepal in 2012, he acted in the comeback movie ‘Manav’. The movie released in 2013 wasn’t that successful but, his decision to return back might have triggered by the movie.

In the past, other artists have also returned back to Nepal from the USA. Actress Karishma Manandhar, Gauri Malla, Rajaram Poudel, and Arjun Karki are some of the artists who have returned back to Nepal from the USA. Some of them have willingly returned and others had to return when their Green Card applications were rejected.

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In the program,Saroj also asked other Nepali in the USA to return back to Nepal and serve the country and the Nepali people.

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Nepali Movie – Manakamana
Nepali Movie – Kasam
Nepali Movie – Atit (Saroj Khanal, Bina Budhathoki)
Nepali Movie – Chunauti (Only description )
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Nepali Movie – Chokho Maya
Nepali Movie – Jaya Baba Pashupatinath
Nepali Movie – Prem Geet
MaHa comedy – Kantipur
Nepali Movie – Janma Janma
Nepali Movie – Bijaya Parajaya
Nepali Movie – Sarangi (Only description)
Nepali Movie – Dharma
Nepali Movie – Janmabhumi
Nepali Movie – Nai Nabhannu La 2
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Nepali Movie – Sannani
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Nepali Movie – Mukti Shangarsha
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