Priyanka Karki and Aawaran team clean Bagmati river for film promotion

UPDATE: A photo gallery of Priyanka Karki and Bagmati cleanup is posted in our Fashion blog. The ‘Aawaran’ team at the site included producer Anil Yonjan, director Subash Koirala and actors Priyanka, Divya Dev, Sushil Raj Pandey and Rajan Ishan. The producer Yonjan admitted that it was a publicity event, but he also added ‘If everybody clean up like us for publicity, Bagmati can get cleaner in future." The original post follows:

The team of movie ‘Aawaran’ started cleaning Bagmati river. The river considered holy and sacred has been polluted because of the disposal of sewer.

The ‘Aawaran’ team started the cleaning at 10 AM at Gothatar bridge. The cleaning is conducted in coordination with Nava Jagaran Sanstha.

The movie featuring Priyanka Karki, Sushil Raj Pandey, Divya Dev, and Rajan Ishan in main role is releasing on May 16 in theater. The movie made on mystery, thriller theme is directed by Subash Koirala.

Cleaning Bagmati, visiting NGOs, street children and similar social works are used by film producers as promotion opportunities. Most of the public in the area were not happy of the issue being used as movie promotion propaganda.

If they were really cleaning, at least they could have worn the safety attire like mask, shoes, gloves and so on. It looks more like a photo opportunity rather than a real clean up. 

Photo credit – Priyanka Karki and Sajan Bohara

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