Priyanka Karki asks you to stop “Body Shaming and Hating”

Priyanka wrote “So yeah! My ribs are protruding outside without any edits or photoshop!”

Priyanka is losing weight and she is showing off her effort. She says, when she gain weight, she won’t share her swimming pool photos. But, we should feel lucky when she starts to loose weight – these types of photos keep on coming.

The attached photos aren’t the only bikini clad photos of Priyanka. She had been constantly sharing such photos for the last few months. As the time nears the release of her first movie with her finance, Ayushman Desraj Joshi, ‘Katha Kathmandu’ she seem to be excited. While sharing the photo in Instagram Priyanka wrote, “It’s my body. When I don’t have a problem why should you. Take a chill pill guys.”

By the way, it is sad she has to write all these things just to share a photo.

And here is another photo:

If you forgot about the past photos, here are some more interesting photos of Priyanka Karki:

and :

one more:


and a pose in the USA

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