Is Bollywood star Govinda’s wife, Sunita, a Nepali?

In the LG Cine Circle Film Award 2018, held in Kathmandu, Bollywood star Govinda was the main attraction. He was called ‘Jwai’ by the organizer and he also claimed, his first love “was a Nepali girl.” He told that his wife Sunita is a Nepali. But, is that true?

At the airport, when Govinda landed in Kathmandu, journalists asked Govinda if he knew Nepali. He told, he couldn’t speak it but he understands the language. Govinda was accompanied by his daughter Tina Ahuja (Narmada Ahuja). She told she knows Nepali a little. But, she was comfortable speaking in Hindi. I named her ‘Rastriya Bhanji’ and made a video report:

The main question – Is Sunita a Nepali Citizen?

A short answer to the question is ‘No’.

Sunita’s elder sister Govinda’s maternal aunt (is married to his maternal uncle). During his early days in Bollywood, Govinda often used to visit his uncle. Young Sunita used to visit there to see her sister. Govinda and Sunita were not in good terms with each other. They were of opposite personalities. Govinda was a very humble and down-to-the-earth person. But, Sunita was opposite in nature. They used to fight with each other. But, Govinda thought she was a cunning person. Govinda was a very good dancer and Sunita also loved dancing. Although Govinda’s uncle would suggest them to do dance in dance competition, Sunita wouldn’t approve.

The love-hate relationship between Govinda and Sunita went on for a while and finally, love won. It was Sunita’s brother who helped Govinda and Suita to pass love letters to each others.

Govind’s speech September 2018, Kathmandu:

Marriage arranged, after a love affair

One day, Sunita’s mother found a love letter by Sunita to Govinda. In the letter, she had written that she wanted to get married to him. As Govinda was a very good person, Sunita’s mother had no objection to their marriage. Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi was also fond of Sunita. The families were happy and the girl and the boy were happy. The problem was Govinda’s stardom. He was getting popularity in Bollywood.

Govinda and Sunita secretly got married and kept the marriage a secret. That was because, the family well-wishers told that the martial status of a star makes or breaks their stardom. There was a possibility of the reduction of his female fan following if his marriage was publicized. So, they kept the marriage a secret until after the birth of their daughter Narmada Ahuja (popularly known as Tina Ahuja).

Who is Govinda?

People know Govinda as:
– the king of comedy
– the disco dancer of Bollywood
– a guy wearing funny and colourful costumes

Govinda’s biography:

An incident Sunita told an online magazine sums up what type of person he is. It was his wife Sunita’s birthday. Sunita suggested they they try Champagne, for a change. They went to Taj for a candle light dinner. They ordered on and Sunita tooka sip.

Sunita said, “I took a sip and before he went ahead, he called up his mom to ask for permission.”

A remarriage

Govinda and Sunita had always thought that their marriage wasn’t complete. That was because it was done secretly and nobody knew about it.

On the 25th anniversary of their marriage, Govinda and Sunita decided to performa the full marriage – perform all the rituals of a marriage again. At the age of 49, Govinda got married again and that was his mother’s wish too. Govinda told, “My mother had specified that Sunita and I can go through a sampoorna vivah (complete wedding) only after 25 years of our togetherness.”

Govinda and Sunita had originally married in 1987. Govinda said, “I completed 49 in December 2014 and in January we went through a full-fledged wedding.”

Sunita claimed, “it was better than the first time.”

The re-marriage ceremony was Govinda’s idea and his friend Faisal made the arrangements. Sunita said, “Havan, pheras, sindoor, mangalsutra…everything happened as per the rituals”

Govinda, Sunita and Tina Ahuja during Ganesh Chauthi

Sunita’s Nepali roots

Sunita’s father is a Panjubi and her mother is a Nepali. That is the reason the ‎5 feet 5 inches tall beauty, Sunita looks like a Nepali and speaks Nepali language.

50 years-old (as of 2018, born in June 1967) Sunita ‎was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Sunita and Govinda got married on 11 March 1987. They have a son Yashvardhan Ahuja and daughter Tina Ahuja.

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