Priyanka kissed Ayushman after he called her “Girlfriend” on stage at NFDC Award

It’s not a big deal – kissing two lovers. But, the kissing of Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi is a big deal because:

  • Neither Priyanka nor Ayushman had clearly told they were in relationship before.
  • Ayushman made the big announcement at the stage by terming Priyanka his “girlfriend” and her mother his “girlfriend’s mom” in the stage. When you watch the attached video you could hear a lady telling, “I was waiting for this,” at around 01:43.
  • It is a clear indication that Priyanka is planning to take it as a long-term-relationship. As Priyanka Karki had previously divorced, my guess is that she must have done a better evaluation of the relationship before making it public.

In the other side of the spectrum, Ayushman’s ex-grilfriend, Pramita RL Rana, also seem to be thriving in the time after the break-up. She is much busier and active in modelling, singing and writing. I had prepared a video report on how the break-up might have been good for Paramita.

Currently in South Korea, Paramita seem to convert the sadness into strength. I don’t know if Paramita has found a new boyfriend or not. But, it is clear the break-up was beneficial for her in terms of bringing out her creativity. Watch the video report:

And, talking about Priyank’s ex-husband, Rochak Mainali – he also seem to go on track to a new relationship. He married a young girl a few months ago and the new couple are living in the USA.

It is nice to see things workout for the better:

  • Priyanka Karki finds Ayushma Desraj Joshi a handsome and budding actor – supportive in her acting career and profession.
  • Ayushman also finds Priyanka Karki, one of the top actresses in the film industry, with a lot of potential.
  • Ayushman’s ex Paramita RL Rana seem happy in the affair with her profession for now.
  • Priyanka’s ex Rochak Mainali is happily married and is living in the USA, the place he wanted to live and Priyanka didn’t.

Priyanka and Ayushman deserve a genuine best wish for a long-term relationship and success in the film industry. All the best guys!

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