Priyanka says, Wedding is uncertain

Actress Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi got engaged last year. There were two separate ceremonies to celebrate their engagement. At that time, Priyanka had told that they were going to get married “next year”. Now, it is the “next year.”

When journalists asked Priyanka Karki about her marriage, she told, “Now wedding is not certain.”

Watch the following video to watch what she told:

Yes, she has clearly told that the wedding plan is not going on as they had planned before. After I saw the interview, I did a little bit of searching in their profiles. My calculated assumption is:

It is Priyanka who is not happy. She has topped sharing photos of Ayushman in her Instagram profile for more than a month. The last photo of Priyanka with Ayushman was posted on March 4. In the meantime, Priyanka had wished Ayushman’s mother Raveena Desraj on her birthday. She has shared photo of Raveena with Priyanka. Ayushman is not with them in the photo:

That was on April 26. She shared three different photos and 3 different statuses. The second is this one:

On the Mother’s Day (Nepali one), Priyanka and her mother Rakshya Malhotra celebrated together. And, there was no Ayushman. Priyanka also didn’t got to Raveena Desraj to wish her Mother’s Day wish (at least, she didn’t share photos like she used to do before.)

She is working – probably in the Ayanka Foundation, a social work organization named after Priyanka and Ayushman. (but Ayushman is not there)

Silver lining: Priyanka is sharing photos taken by Ayushman (although the credit link doesn’t actually link to Ayushman’s Instagram account)

On the other side, Ayushman is sharing dark photos, with sad faces. This one has a statement that tells a lot – “Why can’t we all just be nice to each other?” In that post Priyanka has replied – “I love you babe❤️” and Ayushman has also responded in similar, short response “And I Love You”.

I hope, the relation hasn’t been as sour has it seems to have been. I hope they work it out and be together forever.

All the best Ayushman and Priyanka. You two can do it! You are made for each others. All the best!

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