Rabi Lamichhane weds Nekita Poudel at the same hotel he went for honeymoon

This is a rare incident – journalist Rabi Lamichhane and Nekita Poudel got married in a private ceremony held at Mystique Mountain Resort in Nagarkot. The place is also near the birth place of Lamichhane. It is interesting that, Rabi had gone and lived in the place to celebrate his honeymoon with his wife Nekita in Februaty at the same resort.

When they went there, it was snowing a lot. Rabi had shared a live video of the place and he had shared photos of the couple at the place at that time. That was the time after Rabi and Nekita had got married in court. So, they were officially married at that time. The choice of the place for marriage at the same location they went for honeymoon is interesting.

Second Marriage
It was the second marriage for both Rabi and Nekita. Rabi’s ex-wife lives with their children in the USA. Rabi reportedly had left the USA to return back to Nepal after his relationship with his wife turned sour. Rabi and his ex-wife divorced a while before they got married in court.

Like Rabi, Nekita had also divorced a few years ago. She has a daughter from her ex-husband.

And, the traditional marriage ceremony held at Nagarkot was also the second marriage of Rabi and Nekita as they were previously married in court.

It is the second chance to find a matching mate for both Nekita and Rabi. As they know the pain of separation, I hope this new relationship will be long lasting and a happier one. As they both are in the same field of journalism it is a compatible profession for both of them. Nekita is the owner of TV Filmy channel and her father is the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies. On the other hand, Rabi is a well known personality in the Television industry. An aggressive investigator and television presentation, he is liked by a lot of people.

I wish Nekita and Rabi a very happy married life.

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