R.I.P Dr. Upendra Devkota

The well known doctor and scientist, Dr. Upendra Devkota, who had saved thousands of lives, hasn’t been able to save himself. Dr. Devkota died at the hospital he founded, Nuro Hospital, Bansbari.

Dr. Devkota died at 5:35 PM on June 18, 2018.


Life of Dr. Devkota:

Born in Gorkha, Dr. Devkota studied school in Luitel School, one of the most popular school of his time. He was one of the top students in the school. Apart from studies, he was also politically active and well known among his friends.

Devkota had been practicing for the last 40 years after graduating with a MBBS degree in 1978. He had been politically active and he had also been a minister for a short time when King Gyanendra took over the power to himself. Some believe Gyanendra offered the role for his service to then prince Dipendra after Royal Masssacre.

Dr. Devkota started his practice in Bir Hospital under Dr. Dinesh Nath Goyal, the chief of Surgery in Bir Hospital. Dr. Goyal is credited for Dr. Devkota becoming a neurosurgeon. He started a neuro ward in Bir Hospital and started Neurological Hospital in Bansbari. Dr. Devkota died while being treated in the hospital he started.

Dr. Devkota is survived by his doctor wife, Dr. Madhu Dekota and three daughters Medha, Basudha and Manjari.

Mile stones of Dr. Devkota

Born on – December 19, 1954
Dead on – June 18, 2018
SLC – 2029 BS
MBBS – 1978

Dr. Devkota and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

Devkota and Bhattarai are prominent figures in Nepal. One is a scientist and a doctor that had been influential in medical and political environment. The other, Dr. Bhattarai, is a prominent political personality. They had gone to the school together. One was always the first boy in the class and the other the second. Because of the competition, they didn’t talk to each others. The competitors of Gorkha school later became competitor at Amrit Science College. In all those academic competition, Bhattarai became the first and Devkota was always behind.

Now, at the end of Devkota’s life, Dr. Bhattarai has won the competition again.

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