Raj Ballav Koirala – Swor will rule with its simplicity, music, characters and presentation

A radio host, model, and actor Raj Ballav Koirala started his acting career with the movie Parkhi Basen in 2008. The movie was very successful and won him Best Debut Actor in KTV film Awards.

Raunak had a brief conversation with the actor in which, Raj talks about his upcoming movie Swor.

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Q. How would you introduce the movie Swor? What is on it?

A. Swor is a musical movie. It is a movie about rising and falling of a dream. Enthusiastically presented and crafted movies full of life and colors that tells a life about a youth and his friends on how they follow their dream as musicians.

Q. Tell us about the your character in this movie?

A. I play the character of Swopnil, who has a gang of friends with similar interests. He has a rift with his family but his friends help him pursue his dreams.

Q. What do you find the strong point of this movie?

A. It’s simplicity, music, characters, and the presentation are the strong points of this movie.
Q. You have experience of acting with almost all of the senior actors/actress in the film industry. But the Swor team is almost all new. How was your experience working with the new team?

A. Working with everyone has been a wonderful experience. But all new team is all rejuvenating. New minds, new thoughts and new interpretations. All were refreshing, easy and very compatible to work. I really had a great experience to work on this project.


Q. Maximum number of movies that are made today are made by new teams and are mostly targeted to youths. Although they get good publicity and fame, the business is not that good. Some of the examples of such movies are: Kohi Mero, Bato Muni Ko Phul, and Fash Back. Being a successful actor in the industry, what do you think of the movie in lights of the new team?

A. Well…. business of a movie can never be predicted. However, as a good filmmaker and artists, you have to be sincere to your work. Movie making is all about blending creations and innovations in an artistic way cinematically. We have so far worked very hard with Swor. The music has come out to be amazing. Bhupendra khadka’s words have been beautifully composed by the Acharya brothers and Sugam Pokharel has done well. And, all the songs have a meaning and a significance in the movie. Direction and the screenplay is also good so, I hope, the movie will stand out. But, we can’t be 100% sure on any movies in our industry as, we have got a limited market.


Q. Short and sweet: why should audience go and watch Swor?

A. Hmmm… because the Swor experience would be a totally different experience all together. Like I said, it stands all fresh, new and refreshing. Actor’s job is worth watching and it’s just another beautiful piece of vision by Prassana poudel.

Q. Lastly, what message you want to give to your fans?

A. Dear all my well-wishers and viewers, you have always been very generously inspiring and supportive to me. It gives me all the reasons and energy to be and do well. Keep on loving and supporting. We should take our movies to greater heights together.

On behalf of xNepali team, we would like to thank Raj and we wish him all the best for his upcoming movie and his bright filmy career.

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