Rajesh Hamal might get married in 2013

In a latest news report, one of the most popular Nepali actor, , might get married in this Baisakh (April/May, 2013). Hamal had previously admitted about having an affair with a girl from Biratnagar. Although he hasn’t revealed the identity of his girlfriend, he says, the girl is not from the movie industry. Some of the media have rumored the girl to be Madhu Bhattarai but, Rajesh Hamal hasn’t confirmed it to be Madhu.

Rajesh Hamal admitted that the girl is not fully committed so she might back up in the last minute. But, as far as Rajesh Hamal is concerned, he seems to be all ready to plunge into a married life.

It is not the first time Rajesh Hamal had announced his marriage. He had also announced his marriage in 2010 but, later postponed on the suggestion of a Jyotish. Whatever may be the case we, at xnepali, would like to wish him all the best for upcoming marriage of the 50-year-old actor.

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  1. U r reall hero…we r know that but one think….wy so let about married plz do it.we want see Mahan nayek Rajesh Jamal get married wauuuuuuuu………that's all..

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