Rajesh Hamal mocked public holiday on Indian President visit to Nepal

Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal has mocked the decision by the Nepal government to declare a public holiday on the day Indian president Pranab Mukharjee visited Nepal. On the occasion of the official visit of the Indian president, curfew was imposed on the streets in Kathmandu and offices were closed all over Nepal. In a recent post Rajesh Hamal expressed his surprise on the curfew imposed on the day of the President’s visit.

A while earlier, in a Facebook post, Rajesh Hamal had written: The head of the present Nepal Government who ironically, once upon a time propagated the concept of ‘New Nepal’ has in course of time shaken the very foundation of being Nepali. The protocol amongst sovereign states should be on a reciprocal basis. I am eagerly waiting for the day when India/China will declare a national holiday when our President makes a state visit to those countries.

A video report:

It was the first such visit of Indian president in almost two decades. The government has cited the security reason for the holiday declaration. The prime minister Puspa Kamal Dahal will be most adversely affected by such a step.

Rajesh Hamal writes “Blockade when the state-chief of a friendly nation was on their soil, when they are in our soil, curfew. The friendship has been heavy.”


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