Friday Release – The Winner

UPDATE – ‘The Famous’ release is postponed to next week. So, ‘The Winner’ is the solo release this week (the post will be updated later). **

Two new movies, both with English names – ‘The Winner’ and ‘The Famous’ are releasing in theater this Friday on November 4, 2016. The movie ‘The Famous’ is directed by Samir Balami and ‘The Winner’ is directed by Hikmat Bista.


The Winner

‘The Winner’ featuring actress Malina Joshi with Maheshman Shrestha, Manchin Shakya, Reshu Tamang and Amit Giri is shot in various locations in Kathmandu, Australia, and Dubai. The movie is told to be the most expensive Nepali movie to date. The film makers have told that they have tried their best to give it a Bollywood / Hollywood flavour.

The movie is made on the story of a guy who is always a winner. The movie about the struggle and the problems in the guys’s life is directed by Hikmat Bista.

The cinematographers of ‘The Winner’ are Purushottam Pradhan, Susan Prajapati and Antonio Mike. The editors of the movie are Banish Shah and Milan Shrestha. Himal KC is the fight director, Kabiraj Gahatraj is the choreographer.

Trailer of ‘The Winner’

The Famlous

The movie directed by Samir Balami ‘The Famous’ features Pramod Khadka, Sabina Karki, Surabi Jain, Soniya GR, Suman Thapa, Suresh Chaudhary, Rashmi Bhatta and Prabhat Balami in main roles. The movie features graphically generated backgrounds in a number of songs. The movie also marks the comeback of Surabhi Jain, the ‘Samaya’ debut actress. (Watch ‘Samaya’ here).

Trailer of ‘The Famous’

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