Rajesh Hamal took Hasiya poster on the top of Stonedon mountain

Actor and ‘Hasiya’ producer Milan Chams climbed Stonedon mountain in UK and displayed the posted of the upcoming movie on the top. Although it is termed the highest mountain in Wales, the 3,560 ft (1,085 m) mountain is more like a stone hill than a mountain.

rajesh hamal climbed mountain with hasiya poster 2

On top of the mountain Rajesh Hamal and the team featured posters of ‘Hasiya’. Rajesh Hamal and ‘Hasiya’ team is currently in the UK to premier the movie and promote it.

The climbing team took 6 hour’s journey to reach the peak of the mountain.

Before heading to the UK Rajesh Hamal had planned to climb the peak located at Stonedonia National Park. The mountain is known for being used in 1953 by Edmund Hillary to train himself for the Mount Everest ascent.

rajesh hamal climbed mountain with hasiya poster

Rajesh hamal and milan chams hasiya poster

Photo credit – Saroj KC

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