Ram Krishna Dhakal Divorce and Statements

After reports of divorce of Ram Krishna Dhakal and Neelam Shah Dhakal, both of them have written online statements about the incident:

Neelam wrote:

I, Neelam R. Shah would like to make a public statement about all the rumors going around.We have been happily married for over a decade now and will continue to be married for a very long time. We are a small but a happy family and we would really appreciate it if the media and individuals stopped attacking our family constantly.

We are constantly being harassed by the media all across social media and all news outlets and this fire is fueled by the hateful individuals and their comments. The audacity of such people to speak of my family, my family’s reputation, mental health and well-being is beyond cruelty. I see these people as opportunists who continually try to ruin a good family and their good name by connecting them with individuals that could never happen!

I understand we live in a society where everything seems to be everyone’s business but it is not. These are instances that you would not want your family to be involved in, talked about, so why do it to others? These are baseless, emotionless and completely ridiculous lies being spread by people who are not our family’s well-wishers.

This is harassment, mental abuse; cyber bullying and I will continue to defend my family.

Similarly Ram Krishna wrote:

Video reports:

The court document:

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