Malvika Subba, Riyaz Shrestha Divorce Story in 12 Points & biography

Malvika Subba, the Miss Nepal of 2002 finally revealed that she was divorced 2 years ago. This was a surprise revelation, although she had previously hinted about it. That still was unbelievable as a lot of youth consider her their idol and a lot of couple also wanted her to be ideal for a successful couple.

But the truth is unpleasant:

Here are 12 thing’s about Malviaka’s divorce case:

  1. Malvika Subba had been the host of various seasons of couple love-story interview show Jeevan Sathi in Himalaya TV. She herself was a guest with her then-husband Riyaj Shrestha during her pregnancy. That was the time they had started to drift away – during her pregnancy.
  2. Malvika and Riyaj were in love-relationship for 3 years before they finally decided to get married in 2069 BS
  3. The marriage was intercaste marriage – a Subba of Mongol origin and Shrestha of Kathmandu. She has indicated that that might be one of the reasons for the failure of their marriage.
  4. Marriage between Malvika’s parents (Father a Subba and Mother a Brahmin) was also inter-caste. That marriage parted her parents from their respective parents (Malvika’s grandparents).
  5.  In an interview, Malvika had told that the cultural and traditional beliefs had caused daily headaches in her life.
  6. When their son Zyair (spelled his father Riyaz) was born, the traditional and cultural difference made it difficult for her to adjust in the family. That was despite of her Laws great help in raising her son.
  7. The relationship between Riyaz and Malvika deteriorated during her pregnancy, and they were always quarreling.
  8. After birth, first 6 months was the toughest in her life. In the first 4 months she devoted 16-hours of her day to take care of the child. After two hears of her motherhood with her husband’s parents it became unbearable, and she decided to live on her own.
  9. Her decision to live on her own was not accepted by her maternal family. So, she had rented a room to live with her son near her husband’s home. That was how she kept the son near his father and his grandparents.
  10. After 4 years of living alone with her son, she decided to get divorced.
  11. After divorce, Malvika and Riyaz are co-parenting the child. She also claims that she hasn’t taken any property from her ex-husband.
  12. Malvika kept the divorce a secret from the media for two years and finally shared the experience in actress Priyanka Karki’s YouTube channel.

I had talked a lot about Malvika subba in past. For example:
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Malvika Subba Divorce, a surprising revelation by Malvika herself

Malvika Subba has indicated that she is divorced and is raising her child as a single mother. Another important revelation in a program held last week in Kathmandu was that the marriage had fallen apart during her pregnancy in 2015/16. When she was pregnant her husband wouldn’t sleep with her and she was left alone to worry.

According to her statement, the relationship worsened after the birth of their son. It seems, she decided to separate take care of her 6-months-old son all by herself in her parental home. Because of the stress at that time, she told about going to therapy.

In that process, her friend Nilu Dolma helped Malvika with the moral support (Nilu Dolma died the next year at the age of 33). Nilu was the director of the movie Malvika produced – “How Funny” featuring Keki Adhikari, Nisha Adhikari and Priyanka Karki in leading roles.

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25 + Divorces in Nepali Movie industry (2020 Update)

This is an update to a post originally posted on Jan 29, 2012. A new/updated version was posted 2 years ago on Dec 6, 2016. This updated version includes the recent divorces including that of Manoj Gajurel, Reema Bishowkarma, Milan Amatya, Arunima Lamsal and Neelam Dhungana.

It is not only in the Nepali movie industry, divorce among Nepali couple has been in the increasing trend these days. This might be because, compromising is not in the cards of today’s youth. I think, there is nothing wrong to get out of the relationship that is not working out. But, divorce also brings a lot of pain and problems to the both the couple involved. The traditional Nepali society has made it even worse by tagging them ‘bad example’ to the society.

2020 Update

Usha Khadgi Divorce confirmed

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Ram Krishna Dhakal Divorce and Statements

After reports of divorce of Ram Krishna Dhakal and Neelam Shah Dhakal, both of them have written online statements about the incident:

Neelam wrote:

I, Neelam R. Shah would like to make a public statement about all the rumors going around.We have been happily married for over a decade now and will continue to be married for a very long time. We are a small but a happy family and we would really appreciate it if the media and individuals stopped attacking our family constantly.

We are constantly being harassed by the media all across social media and all news outlets and this fire is fueled by the hateful individuals and their comments. The audacity of such people to speak of my family, my family’s reputation, mental health and well-being is beyond cruelty. I see these people as opportunists who continually try to ruin a good family and their good name by connecting them with individuals that could never happen!

I understand we live in a society where everything seems to be everyone’s business but it is not. These are instances that you would not want your family to be involved in, talked about, so why do it to others? These are baseless, emotionless and completely ridiculous lies being spread by people who are not our family’s well-wishers.

This is harassment, mental abuse; cyber bullying and I will continue to defend my family.

Similarly Ram Krishna wrote:
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Usha Khadgi, Miss Nepal 2000 to divorce?

There is a report that the marriage between Usha Khadgi and GP Timalsena is at the verge of breaking. According to a weekly magazine, ‘Shukrabar’ the couple are preparing to separate. The parents of two kids, are deciding on how to divide the property. The options are to divide into two parts or to divide into four equal parts (to each members of the family).

According to report, neither GP nor Usha has responded to the request of the information. Although they admitted in misunderstanding, they both have denied divorce preparation. GP Timalsena has asked not to contact him on this regard. He has written: “Dear all, please don’t query anything regarding our rumours going on, I am not interested. Thank you.”

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Rabi had affair with a mysterious 2008 US return woman, says his ex-wife Isha Lamichhane

A new and surprising revelation of the Rabi Lamichhane’s wife, Isha Lamichhane about Rabi’s affair points to a married woman who was in USA with him. Rabi was having an affair with the woman. But, when Rabi brought his wife Isha and his daughters to the USA, the woman allegedly was angry with Rabi. According to Isha, the woman left USA and returned back to Nepal.

Isha claims that she got into depression because of Rabi’s affair with the woman. She hasn’t named the woman because she has her own family and she doesn’t want to drag her into the controversy. The affair was also a secret affair so, not many know about it to be sure. But, if required the person can be found out easily.

Watch the video report on Isha Lamichhane’s statement about Rabi Lamichhane and his relationship with various women.

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Rabi Lamichhane Divorce, affair with Nikita Poudel, FDB Chair

Two surprises at the same time:

1) Rabi Lamichhane, record breaking journalist’s divorce
2) Affair with Nikita Poudel, the chief of Film Development Board

Nikita, the daughter of Uddav Poudel, had recently divorced. Nikita and Rabi live in the same apartment. They are “good friends” and Nikita knows the name and details about Rabi’s ex-wife. But, when asked about affair or love relationship, both Rabi and Nikita say that is not true.

Watch the following video:

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Real reason of Manoj Gajurel divorce

Manoj Gajurel’s divorce is an unique case in Nepali entertainment industry. No other celebrity had sustained such a long married life and divorce after two decade. So far, it is apparent that no third person is involved.

The divorce is a puzzle because – Manoj hasn’t talked to media about divorce. He has confirmed it by writing a long statement in Facebook. But, he is yet to appear in video interviews. His ex-wife however has been quite vocal on the case. She has given vague details of the reasons they have separated. But, there is no concrete and decisive factor that had caused the divorce. Watch the following video report to know what is going on in their relationship.

What is the real reason?

Before deciding on the real reason – some facts need to be analyzed.

  • 22 years of marriage.
  • It was a love marriage. Manoj Gajurel did some bluff calls to Mina for a couple of months before they finally met.
  • 20 years old son and 13 years old daughter.
  • Manoj was 22 years old and Mina was 19 years old when they got married.
  • Manoj is inclined towards CPN UML (Communist) and Meena is inclined towards Nepali Congress. Manoj is still active politically, Meena is not.
  • Meena is a fashion designer by training.
  • Meena had started a fashion boutique before. But, she had to close it down earlier. Now, she has decided to start the similar business in partnership with her daughter.

Manoj says

  • He and Mina come from different background and upbringings.
  • Meena is an angry woman. He thought it was a mental problem and tried to solve by medication.
  • Now, they are officially separated and have done so in mutual understandings.
  • All the property is divided into four parts – among Manoj, Meena, son and daughter.
  • The daughter stays with the mother and the son stays with the father.

Meena says:

Meena has told a lot of different things in different interviews. Some of them seem important others don’t. I will only summarize some of the statements that might have contributed to the decision they made.

  • Everybody at her maternal home call her “Menu” but, Manoj never called her by her pet name. (Her expectations were not met.)
  • Manoj didn’t want Meena to be active. He tried to stop her from being active out of home.
  • Meena wanted to be free. She wants to be active in politics, she wants to try her singing skills, and she also wants to succeed in business.
  • Meena get angry fast but, she also calms down after a while. The anger was linked to mental illness and she took medication for two years. Later it was found out that the medication was unnecessary. Meena accuses Manoj of keeping her under unnecessary medication.
  • Astrologically they don’t match. The astrological signs of Manoj and Meena both is Leo. Meena believes that was one of the reasons they didn’t match.

Based on these facts, I think the real reason of the divorce is the desire of Meena Dhakal to get control of her life. It seems, she has a feeling of being on the shadow of the will known personality in Nepal.

2018 – Divorces in 2017, Reema, Arunima and Milan Amatya

Three celebrities who have divorced this year are Reema Biswokarma, Arunima Lamsal and Milan Amatya. I don’t know of any male celebrities who has divorced last year. Two of the celebrities are actresses and one singer.

Actress Reema’s marriage didn’t last two years. Reema and Robert BK married in 2015 but, when it didn’t go well, they decided to part their ways. Robert has already found another model as his wife. They have already engaged and are going to get married soon. In public statements, Reema has confirmed the report but has refused to discuss the cause in details. There is no information about the involvement of third parties in their relationship.

Another divorce is of Arunima Lamsal. The actress is yet to publicly announce the divorce. As she hasn’t denied the rumour and Arunima is not seen with her husband since then, we can safely assume that the divorce news is true. These days, in the program held in Arunima’s home, Arunima’s husband is not seen in the family photos. Arunima has a daughter and she is living with her daughter and her parents in the USA. The reason of the separation is yet to be known.

Another celebrity divorce in 2017 was that of Milan Amatya. The singer and her husband separated when after six years of marriage. Milan divorced before Dashain and went to her maternal home to celebrate Dashain this year. Milan has confirmed the separation but hasn’t given a specific reason of the divorce. There were rumours of her relationship with a singer but, both of them deny such relationship.

It seems, I have only talked about the female in the relationship. That was because the female are the celebrities that people know. The husbands of all three are not well known personalities to be discussed about. I don’t know of any male celebrity who have divorced in 2017. If you know of the cases I have missed please comment below. Thank you.

This post is a part of a series of posts to review the year, 2017. I have written posts about celebrities marriages and deaths earlier. Read the previous reports here:

Celebrites who died in 2017

Celebrities who married in 2017

Busy at Nepal Idol, Reema’s husband finds another girl, Barsha, to marry

It has only been two years, I wrote and made a video about the marriage of actress Reema Bishowkarma with Robert BK. It is a shocking news that her husband has engaged to Barsha Rasaili of Morang. Reema or Robert hadn’t told anything about their relationship recently. According to the sources close to Reema, she wasn’t happy by the marriage recently. She had told about the possibility of divorce. Another source says that it has been two weeks since Reema and Robert formally divorced. After the divorce, Robert had engaged with Barsha.

Robert and Reema met in Facebook and they fell in love with each other. They got married on Ashoj 10 of 2072 BS in a five star hotel in Kathmandu. As the husband lives in UK, there were rumour that Reema will leave the film industry. But, she didn’t leave it but she had been going to and from UK. They used to share photos of them together. But, they had recently stopped sharing photos of each other. Reema has also deleted her photos with Robert in her social media account.
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Arunima Lamsal Divorced, Who else divorced in the Nepali film industry?

Actress (I can add a ‘former’ in front of the word) Arunima Lamsal has divorced her husband of 12 years, in the USA recently. The mother of a six years old daughter decided to separate after she felt her freedom compromised by her husband. According to reports, Arunima has taken custody of her daughter Akshyata Aryal and is living with her parents in Baltimore, USA. Arunima’s mother Radha Lamsal (Bhabu Lamsal) is also a well known actress in the Nepali television and big screen films.

A video report:

Divorces in the Nepali film industry

The unsteady relationship is one of the characteristics of the celebrities. Problem in relationships, and divorces are widely talked about and make news. That is one of the reasons there is a perception that relations of celebrities are temporary. But, there are a lot of celebrities who are happily married.
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Dashain of Milan Amatya this year will be different … why did she divorce?

The marriage of a well known Nepali singer, Milan Amatya, has ended in the court. The singer from India who married a Nepali businessman, Mention Amatya, has finally ended their 6-years-old marriage in the Kathmandu district court. There are conflicting reports on the reason behind Milan’s divorce.

Last year, Milan had shared a selfie (or is it welfie?) with her husband and Amatya family members after Dashain Tika. This year, a few days before Dashain, they are officially separated. Dashain 2017 will not see Mention in the same frame of Milan. A video report on why:

Who is Milan Amatya?

Singer Milan Amatya was born in Assam, India. In Assam, she was known as Milan Newar. Brought up in a family of music and art, she had started singing in a young age. Milan had been a singer for about a decade before she decided to come to Nepal. She had given voices to songs in Assamese, Hindi and Rajasthani languages. Milan’s younger sister was married and living Dharan. She came to Nepal to record some Nepali songs. At that time, her sister’s family had helped her to meet Mention for marriage.
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Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha officially divorced, Chhabi’s marriage in making

The top actress of Nepali film industry Rekha Thapa has been officially divorced. Rekha and Chhabi Raj Ojha had separated in 2012 after living together for more than a decade. After four years of living separately, Chhabi had reportedly asked Rekha to sign the divorce papers. There are rumours that Chhabi has found a model girlfriend to marry. Before marrying a new girl, Chhabi had to get the official divorce from Rekha. That is told to be the reason behind the sudden divorce at the court, after living separately for more than four years.

Watch a video report on the case:

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha relationship

In various interviews, Rekha Thapa had publicly admitted that the marriage wasn’t a marriage at all. She told, it was an agreement of living together. Even without Rekha’s statement, the marriage seem like a deal than love-relationship.  Continue reading

Nepali Movie – Divorce

Nepali Movie – Divorce
Starring – Kishor Shrestha, Aavash Agrahari, Binita Ramtel, Saruna Karki, Bina Thapa etc.
DirectorManish Pantha

Nepali movie ‘Divorce’ is a presentation of Shreenagar Films, Butwal by Manish Panth.The movie is rated ‘A’ (suitable for viewers 16 years and old) by the FDB Censor Board. The movie was released on April 4, 2014 is produced jointly by Rohit Puri and Min Prasad Shrestha. The movie features the action of Sanu Kumar Maharjan, editing by Roshan Lamichhane / Kiran Raj Thapa, music by Bishal Humagai / Krishna Bhandari, cinematography / script / choreography by the director Manish Pantha.

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Iku, Suleman Shankar divorced

After 5 years of living together, Suleman Shankar, commonly known as Iku after his character in a comedy serial and a couple of movies, has separated with his wife Jaya KC (watch ‘Iku’ here). Iku says that the failure of ‘Iku Back Again’ has something to do with the relationship.

Suleman claims that Jaya was having an affair with a boyfriend. He accused Jaya seeing her boyfriend when he was in Malaysia to screen the movie.

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