Real worms, …again

The Real Juice, Real Embassy, Dabur Nepal, and Kantipur were center of attraction for for me, for some time. Now, it is Nayapatrika that came out with another version of the same story – extra materials in the juice. The same unanswered questions are being asked:

Why are our kids being fed such non-consumable items ? Why is the government silent on this issue ? (Even, India felt the heat and was talking)

real -juice-2

My future prediction:

  • Our government official will unofficially say that they don’t have a "Real Government" to deal with such a big issue.
  • A "Real Embassy" press release will be released in near future!
  • We will be seeing more of such juices in every streets and corners.
  • Kantipur won’t publish this story because they can’t write about anything related to "DABUR" in it.

Before that, similar reports from two places in Pokhara, Kapilbastu, and Bara were successfully ignored by the government, Dabur Nepal, and the Indian Embassy.

With brave heart, be prepared to witness what the REAL juices were (I hope, Nayapatrika won’t mind me republishing their photos here):

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