Real worms, …again

The Real Juice, Real Embassy, Dabur Nepal, and Kantipur were center of attraction for for me, for some time. Now, it is Nayapatrika that came out with another version of the same story – extra materials in the juice. The same unanswered questions are being asked:

Why are our kids being fed such non-consumable items ? Why is the government silent on this issue ? (Even, India felt the heat and was talking)

real -juice-2

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Gaijatra – Nepali version of April Fool’s Day

Traditionally, Nepali people don’t celebrate April Fool’s day. These days, due to the western influence people in cities make fool of each other on that day. But, we have our own fun filled day to make fun of. The festival equivalent to the April Fool day is called Gaijatra in Nepal.

Gaijatra, the festival of cows, is celebrated to commemorates the death of people during the year. During the festival, people dressed as clowns and colorful cows are marched in the streets. When cows are not readily not available, people wearing cow masks march on the street. In olden days people had to walk bare-foot but these days such practice is discouraged.

The festival is full of songs, jokes, mockery, and humor.  So, Gai Jatra can be considered one of the healthiest festival in which, people accept the reality of death and prepare themselves for "the life after death". Gaijatra usually falls on the month of Bhadra (August – September). It also marks the be
ginning of festive season.

Some photos of the event: