Rekha meets acid attack victims

Actress Rekha Thapa has helped the two acid attack victims meet for the first time after the ill-fated incident. Rekha took Sima Basnet to Kathmandu Medical College in her car to meet her friend Sangata Magar, who is badly burned by the attack. Sima was was in Bir Hospital for follow up check up when Rekha meet her. The acid attack victims Sima Basnet and Sangita Magar were very happy to meet and embraced each other in hugs and cried together.

acid attack victim in kmc (1)

With Rekha, ‘Bhimdutta’ director Himgyap Lama and Seven Submitter Susmita Maskey had also met the two teens. Sushmita said, “This was the most difficult visit ever. Seema and Sangita, the acid attack victims met each other for the first time after the attack that happened more than a month ago.”

She added, “Seema looked at Sangita who could barely speak, as she had gone through 2nd major surgery yesterday, started crying, Sangita said ‘what was my fault?’ and she cried too.” Seeing the teen cry Sangita’s mom also cried and and the visitors couldn’t stop their tears either.

Seema Basnet was discharged from hospital on Sunday, March 29. Here are some more photos of the meeting:

Photo credit – Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’

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