Rekha says she isn't married

In a statement published in an online news portal, Rekha Thapa has told that she is not married ‘officially’ and the future marriage she might perform will be the first marriage. The statement was released on Rekha’s birthday.


Rekha has been ‘married’ (unofficially, according to Rekha) to Chhabi Raj Ojha for the last 10 years. In the recent time, there were rumors of misunderstanding between the two. The producer husband Chhabi who used to make films under Rekha Films banner registered a production company under his own name Chhabiraj Films, a clear indication of choosing a separate path.

Rekha has more than once expressed pressed her desire to have children but she has told that Chhabi, who has children from his previous marriage, was not interested. By the recent statement it is clear that Rekha and Chhabi has taken separate paths although they have tried their best to tell the public that they have patched up.

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  1. chhabi sanga sutnu sute pachhi bihe bhayeko chhaina bhanna laj lagdaina…. malai matra thaha 6 bhaneko k ho? carrier ko lagi matra samjhauta gareko? arulai pani testai garne ho ki? bigatlai samman gardai apanaunele sochnaipar6.

  2. chhabi sanga sutnu sute pachhi pani bihe bhayeko chhaina bhanna laj lagdaina,yesti lai chhotkari ma bhannu parda RANDI bhane upaukta hunchha

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