Rekha Thapa accused of fraud, police complaint lodged in Khotang

Actress Rekha Thapa has been accused of fraud and lodged a complaint against her in the District Police Office, Khotang. In the complaint, Rekha is accused of taking advance cash for the participation in a local program and failing to show up in the program. The organizer of the program, Sagarmatha Janasewa Samaj, had paid Rs. 1,00,000 in cash to the actress for her participation.

Video report:

According to the deposit slip provided by the organizer, Rekha was paid the cash in her account in Siddhartha Bank, Kamaladi Branch on Kartik 20, 2072 BS.

Ganesh Puri has told that Rekha didn’t cancel her participation and the organizers couldn’t contact her at the time of the program.

This however isn’t the first time Rekha hadn’t fulfilled her promise about her participation in programs. In the last three years, Rekha had canceled three of her Malaysia programs in the last minute. Although the organizers didn’t go to the police, the organizer of the 2013 Remix Dhamaka 5 had released a press release against Rekha. In the 2015 Friendship Dhamaka when Rekha canceled her participation the organizers had requested Karishma Manandhar to attend in Rekha’s place. The organizers had thanked Karishma for her generosity.

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