Rekha Thapa cancels Malaysia visit, Remix Dhamaka organizers worried

Actress Rekha Thapa has canceled her visit to Malaysia to participate in Remix Dhamaka 5.  The event had Rekha as the main attraction but, the cancelation of Rekha’s visit is expected to have a big impact in the event.

remix dhamaka promotion - postering on street

At the time she flew to the USA she had told that she will return to Malaysia to participate in the the event and return back to the USA again. But, after reaching USA, she might have decided something else.

According to the organizers, Rekha had already received 20 percent of the pay amount (Rs. 50,000) as an advance payment. The organizers also claim that they have already sold about 5000 tickets and everybody was expecting Rekha to be present in the event. The last minute cancelation of Rekha has saddened the organizers and her fans Nepali living in Malasiya. Rekha’s such a behavior is considered highly unprofessional.

The fifth edition of ‘Remix Dhamaka’ is planned to be held in 4 places in Malaysia. The postering promotion of the event to run from February 10 to 13 is already done. 

In the program actress Anu Shah , singer Pramod Kharel, Surendra KC and singer Mandabi Tripathi are participating. After Rekha backed up, the organizer are planning to invite actress Jharana Thapa and actor Dinesh DC.

The press release of the organizers (in Nepali):