Rekha Thapa slapped Journo for Character Assassination

Actress Rekha Thapa has slapped a Journalist Chiranjibi Poudel of Sourya Dainik in his office on Sunday.

Rekha slapped Chiranjibi after having furious discussion over the Gaijatra Satire “Rekha Thapa’s Mini Skirt mystery” (Rekha Thapa ko Miniskirt Rahasya) that was published in Sourya Dainik last Friday. She said it has assassinated her character.

Both Rekha and Chiranjibi confirmed of the slap scandal and Chiranjibi had also told and online media that he had returned another slap to Rekha. Rekha told that she doesn’t have any objection on Gaijatra satire but, she added she was objecting certain words used by Chiranjibi.

Click here and see page no 8-9 for the Gaijatra Satire written by Chiranjibi. Is this just Gaijatra Satire or has crossed the limit ?

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