Miss Nepal Shristi – top 40 in Beach Beauty

Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha has managed to secured herself in the top 40 list of ‘Beach Beauty’ contest held in the Miss World contest being held in China.


In another category of ‘Multimedia Award’ based on the votes in her personal page in Facebook, Shristi is in the second position with more than 114,000 likes.

Video controversy:

In response to a video interview Shristi Shrestha gave earlier some people felt bad about how she didn’t want to talk about her background. In response Shristi says:

To my pyaro Nepali daju, bhai, didi, bainiharu.. I have realized that my interview answers were hurtful but I assure you that my actions were truly unintentional. That was an old video(long before Miss Nepal).I used to get very nervous talking in front of the camera…However, I do feel that I am getting better in my communication skills and that could not have been possible if I had not received the love and support from all of you.

After watching the video, there is nothing much to discuss about the interview.

It is far better to watch Shristi’s Beauty with a Purpose Video instead:

If you want to watch the controversial video, here you go – watch with positive attitude and there is nothing to feel bad about:

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