Rekha Thapa busy promoting Hifajat

Rekha Thapa is promoting her latest movie ‘Hifajat’ these days. The movie is going to be released all over Nepal on this Friday (April 9, 2010). Her previous movies ‘Himmat‘ and ‘Kismat‘ did very good business and were hit movies and she is expecting ‘Hifajat’ to follow suit.


The movie ‘Hifazaat’ is produced by Chhabi Ojha, Rekha’s husband, and directed by Gyanendra Deuja. Although the movie features new lead actor Aayush Rijal and Aaryan Rekha Thapa is widely seen in the promo of the movie. In an interview with Nagariknews, Rekha told that she is senior to the actors and she has done more work in the movie so she is featured in the promo.


It seems the movie is banking on controversy as a promotion material. Rekha has admitted in her interview that new ‘stunt’ is necessary promotion material these days. The Rs. 80 lakh budget movie made news when it was found the the promotion poster was a copy of a Hollywood movie poster, ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’.

In another controversy, the dress Rekha Thapa wore in a song was against the sentiment of Hindu religion.

6 thoughts on “Rekha Thapa busy promoting Hifajat

  1. hay rakha tapai nepali hunuhuncha tesaile garda nepali jastai garnu hos movie pani testai banaunu hos hai tapaile garda aru nepali ko bejat nahos hai.

  2. Rekha has made movies only for her husband not for Nepali people.chhabi ojha only is eligible to watch the movies of rekha.

  3. I really wondered with the character of Rekha thapa.why she wanna copy the other cultures?As there is a saying in Nepali “indra ko agadi sworgako bayan”which is entirely characterized with the deed of rekha. why don’t she make a pure nepali movie?rekha made the nepali movie as her honeymoon bed which is to be worried much.

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