Rekha as a villain in Diarry (Trailer video)

The trailer of the debut movie of actress Chhulthim Gurung as a producer, ‘Diarry’ features actress Rekha Thapa in negative role. Chhulthim debuted as an actress in ‘November Rain’ and was appreciated for her acting skills. ‘Diarry’ is her second movie as an actress and the first movie as a producer.


The movie made on love and revenge story is an action and suspense thriller movie. It is the first time actress Rekha is featured in negative role. While Rekha Thapa is a villain, Chhulthim is featured in the central character of the movie.

With Rekha Thapa and Chhulthim Gurung, new actor Sunny Singh will also be featured in leading role. Other artists in the movie include Raju Lama, Kushal Bista, Dinesh DC, Rupa Rana, Binod Poudel and Peter Tamang. The movie directed by Anil Yonjan is written by Chhetan Gurung. Manash Ras, Iman Bikram Shah and Swopnil Sharma are the music composer, Shivaram Shrestha is the cinematographer.

Watch the trailer video:

Chhulthim Gurung in ‘Diarry’

Sunny Singh

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Please comment on the trailer. Do you think the movie will be successful. These days, none of the movies featuring Rekha Thapa, out of her home production, had been unsuccessful. Do you think, ‘Diarry’ will be different?

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