Nepali Movie – Afnopan

Nepali Movie – Afnopan
Starring, Niruta Singh, Ramesh Upreti, Nabin Shrestha, Muna Karki, Anita Adhikari, Sushil Pokharel, Basundhara Bhusal, Mohan Niraula etc.
DirectorDeepak Shrestha

About ‘Afnopan’

Nepali movie ‘Afnopan’ is a presentation of Niranjan Piya for Khadgamai Films banner. Nepali movie features some of the top actors of Nepali movie industry like Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh and Ramesh Upreti. The script and dialogue of the movie is written by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ and produced by Manoj Kumar Shrestha. The director, Deepak Shrestha, is also featured as a guest artist in the movie.

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Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Afnopan’

Three well known actors of the Nepali movie industry Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh and Ramesh Upreti are the main attraction of the movie. The superstar, Rajesh Hamal, has stopped acting in movies these days. Niruta Singh also left the Nepali film industry to live in Mumbai. Ramesh Upreti went to the USA and lived there for some years. These days, Ramesh Upreti making comeback in the film industry.

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The actor Salon Basnet is featured as a child artist in the movie with other child artists – Asmit Gurung and Nitesh Bhattarai.

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