RIP Khemraj Gurung, the singer of Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna

A well known Nepali folk singer and musician Khem Raj Gurung has died in a hospital in Kathmandu at the age of 42. According to the cousin of Khem Raj, Ratna Gurung, the singer had died on August 25, 2016 due to complications caused by jaundice. A liver patient, Khem Raj, was admitted to the hospital ten days before his death after the symptoms of jaundice appeared in his body. He was treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital after his health condition worsened.

Video report on the death of Khem Raj Gurung:

Who is Khem Raj Gurung?

Originally from Khandbari of Sankhuwasabha district, Khem Raj Gurung was living with his sons at Sukedhara, Kathmandu residence. Gurung is survived by his wife and two sons. He is considered the only national level singers from Sankhuwasabha district.

Gurung had given voice to a number of folk songs and nine music albums. The most popular songs of Khem Raj Gurung are “Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna”, “Aaalutama le” and “Bhamchan Budapaka Le”. The albums of Khem Raj Guurng are:

  • Jeevan
  • Jeevan-2
  • Aanamol
  • Dharan-Pokhara
  • Solti
  • Aalutama
  • Dhakre
  • Dhakre (Lokgeet)
  • Ghumphir

As Khem Raj Gurung was interested in music and literature since his childhood he used to write and compose the songs he sang. In the initial days of his singing he was affiliated with the student wing of CPN (UML). He used to sing politically motivated songs. Later he shifted to singing folk songs.

Gurung’s father had died some five years ago. His mother and his sisters are living in the UK. His younger sister and wife is told to be living in Hong Kong. After the arrival of his family members from abroad, his funeral is scheduled to be conducted as per the Buddhist tradition on Saturday.

khem raj gurung rip

Popular songs:

Wari Jamuna

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