Singers who died young, RIP Sunil Bardewa

It is a sad news that singer Sunil Bardewa had suddenly died at the age of 44 on September 13, 2016. Suffering from jaundice, Bardewa had died after he was rushed to the hospital after an emergency at home. 19 days ago, another singer, Khemraj Gurung had also died in similar health condition.

video report:

It is sad that the singers didn’t live their full life. An average lifespan of a Nepali is 69 years. Both Sunil Bardewa and Khemraj Gurung were in their early 40s, not a age to die. There are other singers who had died younger. I will discuss about some other singers who had died at a young age.

Yogita Moktan (died at 28 years)

A well known singer Yogita Moktan had died in 2011, in four months after her marriage to he boyfriend of 5 years. It was reported that the relationship was the main cause of her decision to end her life. Yogita had hanged herself. Yogita was involved in the Maoist Civil War and had sung revolutionary songs for the party. She later sang modern, pop, and selo songs. In total, she had sung more than 800 songs. Some of the popular songs of Yogita include ‘Damfu Bajau, Hera na hera, Kati Ramro, and Kahile Ta. In addition to singing, Yogita had also modelled in some of the music videos like ‘Kati Ramro’ and ‘Hera na Hera’. (Yogita Moktan report in 2011)

Manju Mahat (died at 23 years age)

Singer Manju Mahat had died in an accident in 2014. I have detailed account of what had happened and what killed her. (all posts of Manju Mahat)

Cool Pokharel (died at 23 years of age)

The pop singer, Cool Pokharel, had also killed himself at the age of 23 (in 2061 BS). Cool Pokharel had raised in popularity by songs like ‘Yespali Dashainma Thuldai …’.

Lokbahadur Chhetri (died at 32 years of age)

The singer of ‘Aama Rundai Gaubeshi Melaima, Chhoro rundai Gorakhpur Relaima’ was also killed in a motorbike accident. He had given voice to popular songs like ‘Chham Cham Naichideu Niurera, ‘Nyauli Rundai Ke Bhanchha’ etc.

  • Khemraj Gurung – Died at 42 years of age (Khem Raj Gurung report)
  • Sunil Bardewa – died at 44 years of age
  • Som Bajracharya – died at 46 years of age
  • Arun Thapa – died at 47 years of age

A video report on the death of Sunil Bardewa:

Who is Sunil Bardewa?

Sunil Bardewa was very popular in the 1990s when pop songs were very popular among Nepali audience. In addition to singing and composing his own songs, he had also worked as a music arranger at Black Piped Studio. He was very fast in arranging music. It is told that, he was the music arranger of more than 90% of the pop music at that time including those of the popular pop artists like Nima Rumba, Nabin K Bhattarai etc.

Sunil Bardewa was initially involved in a musical band, The Matrix. In the band, there was another singer, Saroj Dutta. The band had also won Sajan Smriti Pop Song Contest in 1995.

Sunil Bardewa used to drink a lot. After the death of his wife some two years ago, he started drinking more. As his children were also living in their maternal home in Chitwan for studies, he was all alone in his home.

It had been two months since Sunil Bardewa had started showing signs of Jaundice. He had continued to drink despite of his medical condition. Drinking is told to be the main reason of his early death. In the past he was also placed in rehabilitation to control his drinking habits, without any positive results.

RIP Sunil Bardewa.

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