Salman Khan and Princess Shruti scandal of 1992, the film shot in Nepal was never released

Salman Khan had visited Nepal in 1992 for the shooting of his movie ‘Bulund’. The shooting of the movie however got halted after the completion of half of the movie. The exact reason of it being incomplete is not known but, there are a couple of incidents that are worth mentioning about Salman’s first Nepal visit.

  • Salman fell in love with the actress of the moive
  • Salman was allegedly beaten by some local guys over an incident involving late princess Shruti.

I have prepared a video report about the incident:

The actress of the movie Somy Ali in her official website (visit her site) writes about how she went to Bollywood. After watching ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, Somy became attracted to the actor Salman Khan. She decided to to got Bollywood pursuing her teenage crush. A daughter of an Iraqi mother and Pakistani father, Somy was living in USA when she convinced her mother to allow her to go to Mumbai. She was 16 years old at that time.

She met Salman Khan and after she signed up to do ‘Bulund’ in 1992. Although the first movie couldn’t finish, she started the relationship with Salman Khan, the leading actor of Bollywood. After 8-years-long affair they decided to separate in December 1999. In that time Somy acted in 10 Hindi films. After the break-up she returned back to Florida to focus on her education. In 2002, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Remembering the time she spent in Nepal with Salman Khan, Somy writes about the film ‘Bulund’ – It “was a fantastic experience because we wen to film in Nepal. I had only heard of Nepal growing up, thus was overwhelmed by actually being able to experience the beauty and culture of that place personally.”

Before he met Somy, Salman was dating Sangeeta Bijlani. Somy came in-between Salman and Sangeeta. The karma

1992 Photo of Salman and Somy in Nepal.

All the Kathmandu resident who were young in 1992 heard of the rumours. It was monarchy so, no magazine were allowed to publish the news involving the princess. It is told that Shruti also took photo with Salman Khan. But, I couldn’t find the photo may be because it was never made public.

I asked my friends in Twitter to share their knowledge on the incident. Here are the things they told:

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