Samragyee’s boyfriend arrested when Marshmello didn’t show up at Club Deja Vu

A huge unrest occurred when the US DJ, Marshmello, didn’t show up in the scheduled show held at Club Deja Vu.

UPDATE – The owners of the club are arrested on the complaint that they organizers sold 7000 tickets for the event that is held at a night club with capacity 3,500. The organizers are also accused of the lack of the security at the venue. The police has told that they are not investigating about whether Marshmello came in Nepal or not. The organizers claim that the DJ had arrived in Nepal but couldn’t arrive at the venue because of the sickness. They say, he returned back the next day. But, as nobody has seen the real face of Marshmello, one can’t say if he had come to Nepal or not.

What had happened?

  • People paid Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 for the ticket to enjoy the DJing of US DJ, Marshmello in Kathmandu.
  • The show was scheduled on 13 December, 2017. People were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Marshmello. But, he didn’t show up and the organizers were telling that Marshmello is on his way.
  • But, at around 2:00 AM of the next day, the organizers announced the cancellation of the show. It turned out, Marshmello hadn’t arrived in Nepal at all.
  • People got pissed off. They started throwing beer cans and bottles towards the stage. Soon, the people started breaking things.
  • The police and the security guards couldn’t do anything.

This is the status he posted in his Twitter account:

After the vandalization, the organizers are arrested by the police for the investigation. According to report, the owner of the organizer,

One of the owners of Deja Vu club is also the boyfriend of Samragyee RL Shah. Mayanka Khadka, is among the five owners of the Club. Other owners are Prithu Baskota (Cricket player), Bishal Dangi, Milan Shrestha and Jayanta Shrestha. Among the arrested are the owners of 61Live, Ritesh Marwadi and Rajiv Maharjan.

Although Samragyee refuses to accept that Mayank is her boyfriend, they are seen together in most of their celebrations. In the birthday of Samragyee, Mayanka had organized a birthday party for her and Samragyee shares his photo in her Instagram profile from time to time. She had also shared Marshmello’s response about his schedule in Nepal and his statement about sickness in her Instagram post.

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