Kri, Anmol and Aditi starrer movie trailer releasing today

The trailer of one of the most awaited movies in the Nepali movie industry is releasing today. The lead actor and the son of one of the producers of the movie, Anmol KC has also confirmed that the trailer is releasing today. Attached is the new poster of the movie featuring Anmol KC and Aditi Budhathoki in an embrace:

The posters released earlier featured Anmol KC in action avatar. The release date of the movie is also confirmed as February 9. Because of the possible competition, another movie scheduled to release on that day, ‘Kanchhi’ has decided to delay its release by a week. I had prepared a video report about the delay in the release of the Shweta Khadka movie.

Anmol KC in Nepali film industry

Anmol KC is that actor of the Nepali film industry who is one of the most successful actor despite being a celebrity son. Actor Bhuwan KC introduced the actor in ‘Hostel’ in a leading role. Although Anmol was seen as child artist in some movies and he was also featured in one of the songs of ‘Sathi Ma Timro’, he debuted in leading role in ‘Hostel’.

After the huge success of the first movie, Anmol’s second movie ‘Jerryy’ was also successful. Two consecutive successful movies created an aura around Anmol as one of the most potential actors in the film industry. Bhuwan KC decided to star his son in his own directorial debut, ‘Dreams’. The movie was also a huge success. In addition to Anmol the movie also benefited the actress, Samragyee RL Shah.

The fourth movie of Anmol, ‘Gajau’ has Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha in leading role. After the success of the fourth movie, Anmol decided to sign in ‘Kri’ and remain away from the public. The experiment created a mystery and curiosity towards Anmol’s character and the movie in itself. The unconventional but easy name and a well known model as an actress had also created an aura of a successful movie.

We still need to wait more than two months to know if the movie will be successful or not. But, initial response says that it will be better than average Nepali movie. And of course, the trailer will also have an impact in the movie.

I will update this post as soon as the trailer is released. Stay tuned. Till then watch a few videos I had prepared on Anmol KC and Kri:

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