Sanchita Luitel shows off her pregnant belly

sanchita-luitel-pregnant-belly The actress Sanchita Luitel, who ran away with a married (not divorced) actor Nikhil Upreti to Mumbai and lived together for about a year has come back to Nepal after she got pregnant. She was told to be living in Nikhil’s village home in remote place of Sarlahi. Now, reports that she has come to Kathmandu and is proudly showing off her swollen belly.

There was no formal marriage ceremony between Sanchita and Nikhil. In contrast to Nikhil who told about his secret marriage to Sanchita, Nikhil’s wife Kopila Upreti had repeatedly denied the marriage between Nikhil and Sanchita.

But, it is an open secret that they had lived together for more than a year in Mumbai. In Mumbai, she had tried to get in the Indian movie industry without any success.

Nikhil is currently busy in the shooting of his upcoming movie Parichaya.

11 thoughts on “Sanchita Luitel shows off her pregnant belly

  1. O really sanchita you gone making baby?
    U knows what u doesn’t have good habit but u have to teach good habit your baby not like u ok?
    U knows about kopila why u married nikhal u don’t gaded another signal prison gad dammed sanjita……………anyway have good locks……

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