Saranga Shrestha celebrates her first marriage anniversary

It has been a year since the marriage of actress Saranga Shrestha to Ramesh Karki. They got married on February 1, 2013. In the mean time, Saranga gave birth to a daughter in September of 2013.

saranga and family

On the occasion of the anniversary, Saranga said, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

To celebrate the marriage anniversary, actress Pooja Chand and her husband Raju Lama organized a get-together in their residence.

saranaga anniversary -- pooja  chand and raju lama 2

xNepali team wishes Saranga and Ramesh a very happy anniversary and also wish the love between the two increases all the time.

Photo credit – Saranga Shrestha.

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