7 Nepali celebrities who married a foreign national

The son of Hari Bamsha Acharya, Trilok Acharya married a US girl in the USA recently. The family of Hari Bamsha went to the USA for the marriage. Although Trilok had previously married and was living with his wife for some years, the current ceremony was conducted to perform the marriage in Nepali culture and tradition. At the time Trilok married his girlfriend, his mother had died. Both Trilok and his wife had come to Nepal to mourn the death. Now, after things settled, they decided to perform a formal marriage.

Marriage of celebrities to foreign nationals is not much common in Nepal. So, I looked into the celebrities who have chosen foreign partner of their lives. The result is the following video.

Watch the video report:

In addition to the celebrities who had married foreign nationals, mentioned in the video, actress Saranga Shrestha had also married a US national. The marriage with her first husband didn’t go well and she doesn’t have any children from the marriage. She however managed to go to the USA and live there. Now, Saranga has divorced the first husband and has married a Nepali, Ramesh Karki. She has a toddler daughter.

Another actress Gauri Mall is also told to have married a Japanese guy in a recent report. The marriage however was not made public. The information about her secret marriage when she was living in Japan was made public during the latest scandal. Video report is attached (there is however no mention of her husband).

The list of celebrities who married foreigners are:

Please tell about other celebrities that are missing in the list, in the comment.

celebrities who married foreigners

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