Selena Gomez shares selfie in a typical Nepali attire (photos)

For the first time after arrival in Nepal, Hollywood model, actress and singer Selena Gomez has posted a photo of her in typical Nepali dress – saree, beads garland and glass bangles. That is, the visit is no longer a secret visit. The photo posted in Twitter has a caption "Sari, not sari. ".

This is the first official indication that Selena is currently in Nepal. We have stumbled upon more than a few unofficial photos of Selena posing with Nepali people in different places.

Selena visited Rapti High School, a school run by UNICEF. She visited the child-friendly classrooms in the school and had spent some time with the children. 

Another popular singer, Aisha Cole is also with Selena in the tour, organized by UNICEF. Selena is a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF and she is visiting schools and having fun time with Nepali children. According to UNICEF website: "Selena Gomez is a recording artist, actress, and designer and was appointed a UNICEF Ambassador in September 2009."

Here are some photos: (photo credit Uday GM of Annapurna post)

There are 9 photos of Selena participating in UNICEF activities in the Flickr page of UNICEF :

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