Friday Release, Mero Best Friend and Hasiya

Two highly awaited movies, ‘Mero Best Friend’ and ‘Hasiya’ are releasing in theater on May 23, 2014. One of them is the debut movie of Priyanka Karki and another also features Priyanka as an item girl.

hasiya and mero best friend release


The action themed movie ‘Hasiya’ features actress Hema Shrestha in fully action role. The female oriented movie is produced by Milan Chams. With Hema superstar is also featured in lead role in the movie. Other notable actors in the movie are Miss Nepal 1994, Ruby Rana and Anup Bikram Shahi. The movie was recently premiered in UK. The viewers in the UK had termed the movie of being of international standard.

Mero Best Friend

The debut movie of Priyanka Karki also features Keki Adhikari in lead role. The movie directed by Prasanna Poudel features friendship and love story. The viewers in the premier show held on Wednesday had appreciated the movies. With Priyanka and Keki, Resh Marahatta, Diwas Upreti, Kiran Lakaul, Niramal Sharma, Pooja Sharma and Sunil Thapa are also featured in the movie.

Two actresses of the movie are again being featured in upcoming movie ‘Fanko’. Karki and Adhikari had arrived from the shooting spot of ‘Fanko’ to participate in the premier of the movie and returned back to the shooting spot to continue the shooting.

Video of Priyanka Karki talking about the movie:

Video of Keki Adhikari talking about the movie: