Should 'Jannat 2' be banned in Nepal?

No, we don’t think so!

Nepali film critics and Film Development Board of Nepal think that a Bollywood movie "Jannat2" be banned in Nepal. The movie shows a scene about illegal weapons being supplied from Pakistan to India through Nepal. The censor board however hasn’t found anything fishy on the scene and has permitted the movie to be shown in Nepal.


In the modern time, some critics think censoring a movie in itself is a questionable practice. Censoring or banning a movie only on the fact that Nepal is shown to be a  transit point of some weapon doesn’t qualify as an issue to
be given of much importance. We all know the lack of proper security in our transit point. Hiding the truth doesn’t solve problem.

We have a few questions to the people who think the movie should be banned:

  • Does banning a movie based on one of it’s scene based on a fiction plot give a good message?
  • Shouldn’t the government learn from such movies and try to stop such practices, if any?
  • Do everything shown in a movie is true ? If it can be untrue, why debate on it?

One thought on “Should 'Jannat 2' be banned in Nepal?

  1. who cares what they show in movie. those who believe that fictional movie should be banned just because it shows nepal as a transit point for illegal weapon, are living in a fantasy world and will not be able to exist on earth if they are serious in their belief.

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