Shrinkhala Miss World Journey – April to December 2018

It was on April 11, 2018, Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada was crowned the new Miss Nepal. Right after that, she started preparing for the Miss World competition. She did an awesome work to a Chepang community in her home district.

Right before Miss Nepal finale – Shrinkhala wrote – “Miss Nepal was not a coincidence for me. I have dreamed and visualized of myself being here for years now. I never told anyone because I was scared that people might not think I was worthy enough.”

And she won the title!

A video report on her journey :


In Miss Nepal she did this:

Before the contest she told:

And after winning the title:

And, this is something very interesting:

This is Shrinkhala

Beauty with a purpose


Site Selection:

And the Topper Award:

And Thesis winner:

A natural scene:

BWAP design

Prime Minister:

Funds raised

Miss World start – November

And this

The last one is coming soon… stay tuned!

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