Some actors don’t know about their party memberships

The news of more than 150 artists joining Nepali Congress came by surprise to many. It was particularly surprising to those who heard their own name in the news. For example, actress Mala Subba was surprised on her name included in the list of artists joining the party.

It turned out – the artists were invited for a tea party at the residence of the party president. All those who attended the party were told to have joined the party. Actor Aayush Rijal told that he was in the residence of Sushil Koirala only for the tea party. He clarified, he has no intention of joining any political parties. Aayush told that he was invited by director Suresh Darpan Pokharel for the tea party. It was Pokharel who told about the 150 artists joining Nepali Congress.

suresh darpan pokharel - concress party entry status

Actor and director Ramesh Budhathoki also claimed not to have joined Nepali Congress. He admitted to be supporting the party but, he isn’t a formal member of the party. Actor Jiwan Luitel has the similar statement. Sctress Jharana Thapa is currently in Europe tour, she is also told to have joined the party.

Aayush Rijal’s statement however conflicts with the following photo that shows the banner stating – Artist’s Party Entry Program. There is no mention of tea party in the banner.

Actors Binod Shrestha and Shyam Aryal have also stated that they haven’t joined the party.

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