Nepali Movie – Black (Aakash Shrestha, Aanchal Sharma)

Nepali Movie – Black
Starring – Aakash Shrestha, Aanchal Sharma, Aayush Rijal, Sushil Chhetri, Dhiren Shakya, Priya Rijal etc.
Director – Pradeep Shrestha

A movie by well known director Pradeep Shrestha, features well known actors like Aakash, Aayush, Sushil Chhetri, Dhiren Shakya and Priya Rijal with Aanchal Sharma. The writer, Maunata Shrestha is also known for writing a good script.

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Nepali Movie – Jaljala (Rekha Thapa, Aayush Rijal)

Nepali Movie – Jaljala
Starring – Rekha Thapa, Aayush Rijal, Basundhara Bhusal etc.
Director – Shivaji Lamichane

The movie ‘Jaljala’ is about the Maoist civil war and is a presentation of The Revolutionary Cine Concern. It is sponsored by Maoists and the story of the Maoist war in Nepal and a fighter named Jaljala was made into a movie to justify the civil war. The leading actress Rekha Thapa featured as the leading lady in the movie became close to the Maoist leaders while doing the film. She later joined the party. But, her political journey was cut short when she left the party to join Rastriya Prajatantra Party. During the election, Rekha and Ayush were also featured in a political song used for the promotion of the party candidates.

The Maoist leader Nandakishor Pun (Pasang) is named the person behind the movie. The guest artists in the movie are Ganesh Bhandari, Maila Lama, Hari Siwakoti, Purushottam Dhungel and Deepesh Pun. The official producer of the movie is Kashiram Bhusal, action direction by Rajendra Khadgi, art direction by Gopal Bhutani, background score by Manoj Rajbhandari, editing by Milan Shrestha, script / dialogue by Maunata Shrestha, choreography by Kabiraj Gahatraj, cinematography by Bishnu Kalpit and music by Chetan Sapkota. The story of the movie is written by the director Shivaji Lamichane. The movie was released on January 11, 2012.

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Nepali Movie – Timi Bina (Aayush and Namrata)

Nepali Movie – Timi Bina
Starring – Aayush Rijal, Namrata Sapkota, Mina Puri, Ajaya Anuragi etc.
Director – Nirajan Mehata

About ‘Timi Bina’

Made under AF Anuragi Films the movie is produced by Opindra Shah. Made on the story of Ajay Anuragi, the script is written by the director Nirajan Mehata. The story writer, Anuragi is also one of the co-producers of the movie.

The movie features the cinematography of Mukesh Humagain and Ravi Koirala, editing of Rameshor Jirel and Samir Miya, action of Raju Kirat and the music of Damodar Rao. The choreographers are Bikram Chauhan and Sanjay Shah. Background score by Rameshor Jirel and Nirajan Meheta. The singers in the film are Ajay Anuragi, Indu Saunali, and Rinku Jaswal.

In addition to Aayush and Namrata in leading roles, other artists in the movie are Mina Puri, Ajaya Anuragi, Rakshya Guragain, Opendra Shah, Alina Karki, Dp Sastri, Ajaya Shah, Nirajan Meheta, Basu Baral, Adarsh Karki, Raju Kirat, Raj Narayan Mahara, Raju Sahani, Amisha Tamang, Umesh Acharya, Dipson Pariyar, Muskan Prajuli, Dipak Jha, Bidhya Chauhan, Sagar Subba etc.

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Nepali Movie – Lawarish

Nepali Movie – Lawarish
Starring – Aayush Rijal, Mahesh Khadka, Dinesh Sharma, Kiran Chitrakar, Yuna Upreti etc.
Director – Niraj Ghimire

About ‘Lawarish’
The movie directed by Niraj Ghimire and produced by Amar Kaushal. The script of the movie is written Maunata Sapkota, music by Basanta Kapkota, action by Himal KC and Manojraj Bhandari, cinematography of Rabi Koirala, and choreography by Shiva Sharma.

The movie was released on theatre on June 27, 2014.

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Nepali Movie – Ma Chhu Ni Timro

Nepali Movie – Ma Chhu Ni Timro
StarringRose Rana, Saujanya Subba, Aayush Rijal, Raj Hamal, Karan Crazy, Ram Keshari Bogati etc.
DirectorMadan Ghimire

The Nepali movie ‘ Ma Chhu Ni Timro’ is the sixth presentation of Sofiya Cine Arts, a production company of Rose Rana. The movie features the lyrics of Dayaram Pandey, cinematography of Krishna Shrestha, editing of Tara Thapa, music of Chetan Sapkota / Basanta Sapkota. The choreography of songs are done by Kabiraj Gahatraj, Shankar BC and Dinesh Adhikari. Action by NB Maharjan and script by Maunata Shrestha.

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Friday release, Sushma Karki movie ‘Paap’

A Sushma Karki starrer movie ‘Paap’ is being released in the theaters in Nepal on July 31, 2015. After the earthquake of April 24, the only new movie released on theater so far is ‘One Side Love’ on July 3 and ‘Jungabhumi’ on July 10.

Like previous mvoies of actress Sushma, ‘Paap’ is also made on sex psychology. The movie features Aayush Rijal, Sushma Karki, Samichhya Aryal and Dhruba Koirala in leading roles. The movie produced under Bindeshowri Cine Arts is a presentation of Bikash Sharma. The movie is directed by NR Ghimire.

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Nepali Movie – Saubhagya

Nepali Movie – Saubhagya
Starring,Jharana Thapa, Suman Singh, Aayush Rijal, Sonia KC, Sunil Dutta Pandey, Raja Mahat etc.
Director – Govinda Gautam

Nepali Movie ‘Saubhagya’ is a presentation of Shree Krishna Films by Kedar Parajuli. The movie features the background score of Binod Gurung, action by Raju Jung Thapa, music by Bikash Chaudhari,  cinematography by Hari Ghumagain, editing by Ananta Ghimire, and script / dialogue by Shivam Adhikari. The movie made on the story written by the director himself was released on August 10, 2012.

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Nepali Movie – Dil Ma Sajaya Timilai

Nepali Movie – Dilma Sajaya Timilai
Starting -  Aayush Rijal, Yuna Upreti, Amir Gautam, Dinesh Sharma, Ganesh Upreti, JN Ghimire, Rashmi Bhatta, Rachana Poudel etc.
Director – Niraj Ghimire

A 2012 release, ‘Dil Ma Sajaya Timilai’ is a presentation of Ashutosh Films by Raju Adhikari.

(Note: The songs are removed from the movie)

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Nepali Movie – Sadak

Nepali Movie – Sadak
Starring – Aayush Rijal, Rekha Thapa, Nir Shah, Mithila Sharma etc.
Director – Deepak Shrestha

After the success of ‘Hifajat‘ Aayush and Rekha were considered the hot cake of the Nepali film industry. That was the reason ‘Sadak’ was conceived. The movie was released in January of 2012. The movie is a presentation of Hari Baral for Bindeshwori Cine Arts Pvt. Ltd., Pokhara.

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Nepali Movie – Chandrawati

Nepali movie – Chandrawati
Starring, Kushal Thapa, Aayush Rijal, Yuna Upreti, Rejina Upreti, Sashi Khadka, Raju Giri, Rashmi Bhatta, Rekha Ghimire etc.
Director – Raju Giri

‘Chandrawati’ was another movie of adult theme. The technical details of the movie was posted in the pre-release review of ‘Chandrawati’.

The movie is the presentation of Sanjay Bulun for Gosaikunda Films.

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Some actors don’t know about their party memberships

The news of more than 150 artists joining Nepali Congress came by surprise to many. It was particularly surprising to those who heard their own name in the news. For example, actress Mala Subba was surprised on her name included in the list of artists joining the party.

It turned out – the artists were invited for a tea party at the residence of the party president. All those who attended the party were told to have joined the party. Actor Aayush Rijal told that he was in the residence of Sushil Koirala only for the tea party. He clarified, he has no intention of joining any political parties. Aayush told that he was invited by director Suresh Darpan Pokharel for the tea party. It was Pokharel who told about the 150 artists joining Nepali Congress.

Actor and director Ramesh Budhathoki also claimed not to have joined Nepali Congress. He admitted to be supporting the party but, he isn’t a formal member of the party. Actor Jiwan Luitel has the similar statement. Sctress Jharana Thapa is currently in Europe tour, she is also told to have joined the party.

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A group of film artists join Nepali Congress party

On Saturday morning some 150 artists joined Nepali Congress party. In a program held at the residence of the party president Sushil Koirala in Mahargunj, the artists were welcomed in the party.

The artists include actress Jharana Thapa, Rupa Rana, Melina Manandhar, actors Jiwan Luitel, Dhiren Shakya, Aayush Rijal, Mukesh Dhakal, and Niraj Baral. Directors Ramesh Budhathoki, Suresh Darpan Pokharel and Suraj Subba joined the party in the program. Cinematographer Purosottam Pradhan, photographer Rajiv Shrestha, singer Prakash Ojha also joined the party in the program. Other film artists include Santu Tamang, Rameshowr Karki, Prabhu Samsher JBR, Shyam Rai were also among the 150 artist in the program.

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‘Mero Katha’ released in Western Nepal

A movie made on the story of Badi community, ‘Mero Katha’ was released on the Mid-Western and Far-Western parts of Nepal on March 29. All the actors in ‘Mero Katha’ are new faces in movie industry and two well known actors – Aayush Rijal and Poojana Pradhan are also featured in guest roles (Previous post on Poojana’s role in Mero Katha).

The producer, Rabindra Baral, said that the movie is doing very well in the local theaters. The local Badi community are very excited to see their own life style in the movie.

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