‘Soongava’ couldn’t make it to the Oscars competition

The movie selected by the Nepali selection committee to represent Nepal in the Academy Awards, Oscars, couldn’t make it to the short-listing. The movie made on a lesbian love story, ‘Soongava’ was selected by a Nepali committee for the Oscars competition to compete in the Best Foreign Movie category.

The Oscars Awards organizer The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science has recently released the list of movies short-listed for the final competition. Nepali movie is  not in the list.

‘Soongava’ features Nisha Adhikari and Diya Maskey in the lead roles. The movie directed by Suwarna Thapa was selected from the pool of the movies released in the last year.

Other movies competing with ‘Soongava’ were ‘Badhshala’ and ‘Shirish Ko Phool’. There was a controversy in the selection of ‘Soongava’ and the nationality of the director, Suwarna. The movie is also planned to be released in the theaters in Kathmandu.

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