Sujita Basnet is Miss Nepal USA 2011

The title of Miss Nepal USA 2011 was crowned to Sujita Basnet in an event held on August 20, 2011 in New York. The first runner-up of the title was Tilasmi Bista and the second runner-up was Nabina Basnet.


This was the first time such beauty contest among Nepali participants was held in the USA. The judges of the event included Kiran Chhetri (CNN journalist), Puskar Malla, Amod Mishra, San Khadka, Dilli Bhatt, and Sadiya Salin.

Julie Gauchan was awarded Miss Parsonality and Best Walk award. Bandana Sharma was Miss Popular, Feri KC was Miss Best Smile, Triyuga Ghimire was Miss Best Hair, Samjhana Jarki was the Miss Talent, Usha Nagarkoti the Miss Photogenic and Rubi Adhikari the Miss Dress.


The event was organized jointly by E-Planet P. Ltd. and Event Planet Inc America.

Video of the event:

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