Sanchita gave birth to Nikhil’s son – on Krishna Janmasthmi

The first child of the unofficial marriage between Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti is born on August 21, 2011 at around 11 PM in Kathmandu. According to the reports, the doctors in Norvic Hospital had performed caesarean section operation on Sanchita. Although Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita had lived together for about a year in Mumbai, the marriage between the two is not official.

sanchita luitel

Nikhil Upreti has a one-year-old son with his first wife, Kopila Upreti, with whom he hasn’t divorced yet.  Nikhil Upreti arrived in Kathmandu yesterday to meet Sanchita.

Hindu all over the world celebrate the birth of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna on August 21. Krishna is known to be the most romantic of all the Hindu gods who had 16,000 girlfriends. Some have started joking about Nikhil’s son that he willl also follow his father’s path and have numerous girlfirend (and, be like Krishna).

Our congratulation to the new mother Sanchita and hope Nikhil will act like a mature person and clarify everything about their relationships and fates of Kopila and his son with Kopila.