Sushma Karki cries for Earthquake victims

In response to the horrific earthquake of Saturday, actress and model Sushma Karki has shed some tears. At the time of the earthquake Sushma was in Naubise area. She saw houses collapse in the area. Her brother also sustained a head injury and had to be stitched in the hospital.

sushma karki cries after eqarthquake

When she reached her home, she heard of the collapse of the Dharahara tower and collapse of historic sites like Durbar Square and Basantapur caused her to cry.

Because of the fear of earthquake, Sushma had to sleep on a paddy field. She was very scared and tensed in the last few days after the earthquake.

She is also saddened on the loss of the places of historic importance. She has also asked the government to be more proactive in the relief efforts.

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