Sushma’s Bindaas 2, another upcoming sequel movies

After the moderate success of ‘Bindaas’, the movie team had decided to produce the sequel of the movie. In a latest report, the lead actress Sushma Karki has signed in formally and the shooting is going to start soon.

The lead actress of the movie, Sushma Karki had told that she received Rs. 3 lakh to do the first movie. For the sequel, there are conflicting reports of Sushma agreeing to do it for Rs. 2 lakh at first but in later days, the amount was ballooned to Rs. 5 lakh. Everybody knows, there is little truth on such a huge amounts and they use these statements for the advertisement of the movies.

The success of the first part, ‘Bindaas’ was much attributed to sex theme and hot poses of the actress Sushma Karki. Sushma was a hot cake at that time because of the success of the item song ‘Udreko Choli ..’. Now, the time has changed the success of the movie will largely depend on the content rather than the actress Sushma.

‘Bindaas 2’ will feature Sushma and Jiwan Luitel in lead roles. Other actors in the movie include Sushanta Karki and Anisha Gurung. The movie is going to be made under the direction of Raju Giri and the content of the sequel is told to be related to drugs rather than sex. The shooting is scheduled to start on Jestha 10 (Friday, May 24).

Producing sequel has become the new trend in Nepali movie industry. Another movie ‘Saayad‘ producers had also recently announced the production of the sequel ‘Saayad 2’, starting a new trend of producing sequels of successful movies. There is also a rumor of making of ‘Loot 2’. There is nothing wrong with sequel movies but, there is no guarantee that the sequel of a successful movie will be successful. The failure of sequel of ‘Kusume Rumal‘ is an example of such case.

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