Sweta Lamichane clarifies Saptahik article

I wrote about Sweta Lamichane back in Februry of 2010. It is good to see the beautiful lady featured in this week’s Saptahik weekly. But apparently, Sweta is not too much happy about the portraying of her as the ‘Hollywood star’ in the article.

Sweta’s clarification in her own words:

Since I can’t read Nepali, I had to have someone else read the Saptahik to me. I would like to clear up a few mistakes that were made.

Yes, I am a working actress, but I’m not a huge Hollywood star. I have done a few movies, commercials, and television shows. In fact, I did all of my training in Hollywood, got my SAG eligibility, and then moved away. It wasn’t until I moved that I started to book bigger roles. All of the movies that I have speaking roles in are independent films. These films only go to film festivals and you can’t find them on the shelves. Currently I’m working on a web series, I’ve completed three movies (will only appear in film festivals), and I’ve done a direct TV commercial campaign. I’m also in school for esthetics and make-up artistry. In addition, I’m recoding an album that will release at the end of this year. Thank you time and attention and Thanks for all the support!


Sweta has done a good job in Hollywood and she has made us proud by her skills over there. Now, I am also impressed by the humbleness she has shown.

Good job Sweta! Keep the good works.

The article in Saptahik (click to enlarge):


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