When Kishor Nepal wrote a fake interview of Priyanka Karki in Shaptahik

In an event held to release the trailer of ‘Kohalpur Express’, the debut movie of Keki Adhikari as a producer, three actresses of the movie expressed their dissatisfaction towards journalist Kishor Nepal.

In the event, Priyanka remembered the incident and how she dealt with it. She had complained against the writer and had forced to remove the article from the website. When I checked Kantipur’s website, the issue of Saptahik of March 10, 2017 is not available online.

Watch the video to know the truth:

How did it start?

A few days ago, an website, merofilm published an article based on an interview of Kishor Nepal. In the interview, Kishor had told that – Nepali actresses don’t have the essence. There was a debate in online media about his statement. In the same interview, he had told that he doesn’t like Priyanka Karki. He had told a little knowledgable actress is Keki Adhikari.
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Sweta Lamichane clarifies Saptahik article

I wrote about Sweta Lamichane back in Februry of 2010. It is good to see the beautiful lady featured in this week’s Saptahik weekly. But apparently, Sweta is not too much happy about the portraying of her as the ‘Hollywood star’ in the article.

Sweta’s clarification in her own words:

Since I can’t read Nepali, I had to have someone else read the Saptahik to me. I would like to clear up a few mistakes that were made.

Yes, I am a working actress, but I’m not a huge Hollywood star. I have done a few movies, commercials, and television shows. In fact, I did all of my training in Hollywood, got my SAG eligibility, and then moved away. It wasn’t until I moved that I started to book bigger roles. All of the movies that I have speaking roles in are independent films. These films only go to film festivals and you can’t find them on the shelves. Currently I’m working on a web series, I’ve completed three movies (will only appear in film festivals), and I’ve done a direct TV commercial campaign. I’m also in school for esthetics and make-up artistry. In addition, I’m recoding an album that will release at the end of this year. Thank you time and attention and Thanks for all the support!


Sweta has done a good job in Hollywood and she has made us proud by her skills over there. Now, I am also impressed by the humbleness she has shown.

Good job Sweta! Keep the good works.

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Let's demand Saptahik to be categorized an 'adult' magazine

UPDATE: An online petition –To Name Nepali Weekly – Saptahik an Adult-Only Magazine– is started.

A disclaimer first: I don’t know anybody, in person, in Kantipur publication; they have never done any harm to me or anybody I know. Nobody has told to write this article and I have nothing personal to gain or loose by writing this article.

A Nepali weekly, published by once the biggest media house in Nepal, Saptahik, has claimed itself to be targeted to "EVERYBODY" and is publishing contents inappropriate for the children. I have raised this question more than a couple of times and have used every possible medium of communication to get reply from the concerned journalists in Kantipur publication. But, to my dismay, they have chosen to keep themselves in closed door.

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Smita Thapa, my daughter, and Kantipur media house

…Minority knowledgeables thought Smita as a very courageous, frank, fearless, and revolutionary woman…

If, I am sure I am right, I don’t care what others say about me. But, when I am in doubt, I start seeking palatable excuses to prove myself right! That is what Saptahik is doing by publishing the following article.

click here to go to the article in Kantipur website. (update in March 2015, the link is dead and is removed)
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Journalism Ethics, Maya Bazin, Smita Thapa, and Kantipur

UPDATE: One of the admins of the site hosting Maya’s video has replied to our question about the background of Maya Bazin. Here is what they have to say:

She’s a |**rn girl. That’s why she’s lying. Most girls don’t want to give away their real background so she made something up. ….

I hope the editors in Saptahik have learned the lesson.

Last time, when the infamous sex tape of Namrata Shrestha was covered in various media, BBC Nepali initiated a discussion on the Journalist ethics and responsibility. At that time many media houses, including Kantipur publication, choose to ignore the issue and acted as if the scandal didn’t happen.

The time has changed. It seems, Kantipur is regretting the noble decision it made at that time.

When Kantipur published an interview of an intoxicated and sexually aggressive model/actress, Smita Thapa, we questioned its real purpose. A latest front-page article about a sex film actress, Maya Bazin, has made the interview of Smita Thapa insignificant to talk about.

As far as I know, it is illegal to make or sell sex films in Nepal. Such act is punishable by law. Does that make it illegal to create undue interest on such films in general public? I hope, the law pundits will answer the question in comment.

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