Namrata Shrestha launches an app of Nepal Police

To help general public, Nepal Police has launched a new mobile phone app, Hamro Police. In an event organized in Kathmandu on July 5, actress Namrata Shrestha has launched the app. Speaking at the ceremony Namrata believed that the app will bring the public closer to the police.

Namrata said, “I believe, the app will help the police to in performing their duties.” She also asked everybody to help the police to make the society safe. DIG Bigyan Raj Sharma also highlighted the importance of the app in the age of mobile technology. The app allows public to report an incident so that police can take an action. It also collect public complaint and allows SMS reporting of incidents. The app also informs the public about police alerts and gives the location of the nearest police stations.

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Do iPhone Apps reviews make sense in Nepal?

I was surprised when a Nepali newspapers published an iPhone apps review. It is not that they can’t do it. But, iPhone Apps doesn’t make sense to majority of the readers of the Nepali newspaper.

The reviewed App, costing $5 (it was marked $0.99, at the time of writing this article), can’t be purchased in Nepal as there is no International Credit Card facility in Nepal.

The V1.0 of the app was released on 26 July, 2009 and is rated 17+. That doesn’t qualify itself to be reviewed in a National newspaper in Nepal.

Many tech review sites had reviewed it long ago and told it to be “completely inaccurate”. The article in Nagariknews is fully biased towards the app and makes it feel like the app is the best prediction of your sexual drive.

It doesn’t make sense to review a year-old app. In a year’s time, there should have been more such applications released in iTunes which, the Nagariknews writer didn’t care to look for.

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